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Sunday 9:30am:  Sung Eucharist (here we celebrate the last supper Jesus had with his disciples where he used bread and wine to be for us his body and his blood).

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Tuesday 10:30:  Said Eucharist (a later time during the week lasting only half an hour for the busier amongst us).

4th Sunday of the Month 6pm: Evensong and Benediction (Evensong is a peaceful and calm way to end the day.  At the end of Evensong, we are not blessed by the Priest, but by Christ himself; this is called benediction)


We celebrate our relationship with God and our discipleship of Christ in the traditional Catholic setting.  The beauty of the service and solemnness of our worship brings in a wide and diverse group of worshippers who all come to sit before the foot of Christ’s cross and adore.

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All are welcome to join us for our services.

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Morning Prayer 20.8.20

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Morning prayer 18.8.20

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Morning Prayer 16.8.20

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Trinity X Holy Eucharist

10 months ago

Morning prayer 16.8.20

10 months ago
Choral Matins: Chester Cathedral 1996 (Graham Eccles)

Morning prayer will be from Chester cathedral this morning.

Live BBC radio broadcast from Chester Cathedral, 13 October 1996, with the cathedral choir, directed by Graham Eccles and accompanied by Edward Wellman (orga...

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Morning prayer 13.8.20

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Morning Prayer 11.8.20

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Morning prayer 11.8.20

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