Christmas lunch

Holy Trinity will be going on their Christmas lunch to the Bryn Howell on Sunday 10th December at 1pm. All are very much welcome to join us for this festive and joyful occasion. Our thanks go to the Mothers’ Union for organising this. Please speak to Beryl Edwards if you would like to book: 01978 … [Read more…]

Nine Lessons and Carols

This year Holy Trinity’s nine lessons and carols serviced will be hosting Rhostyllen school choir. We look forward to celebrating the story of God’s saving plan, from the time of Genesis right to the nativity of Christ, with Rhostyllen school. This service will be on Sunday 17th December at 4:30pm.

Bible Sunday

On Sunday 29th October we celebrated Bible Sunday in both Holy Trinity and All Saints. During this service we also celebrated our confirmations however recent or long ago it was. The congregation brought in the bibles they were presented with at their confirmations to be blessed. During this service members of the congregations signed up … [Read more…]


On the first Wednesday of the month, we have our Walsingham Eucharist at 10:30am followed by Exposition of the Sacrament.  After the Mass, the sacrament of Jesus’ body is left exposed on the altar for all to gather around Christ for prayer, adoration and praise.  The aim is for all to gather round Jesus simply … [Read more…]


We will be celebrating their harvest on 24th September.  Both churches will have a festival Eucharist in the morning which will be celebrated by Rev Sarah Errington and deaconed by Rev Rebecca Taylor.  Followed by Choral Evensong and Harvest supper in Holy Trinity in the evening.  All are welcome. 

Building Work

It doesn’t take a trained professional to know that Holy Trinity church needs an awful lot of building work doing to it.  Unfortunately, this has been down to decades of ‘cover’ up jobs, which has amalgamated into a huge amount of much needed renovation.  It is at times like these when some churches must face … [Read more…]

Mothers’ Union

HOLY TRINITY   Our Mothers’ Union.  It was reported at the Easter Vestry that there was some disappointment at the decline in membership with our Mothers’ Union in Holy Trinity church.  As the vicar, I was quite surprised because we have eight members out of a congregation of roughly thirty; a quarter ‘aint’ bad.  However, … [Read more…]

140th Celebrations

This year Holy Trinity will be marking their 140th anniversary of the church being built.  The Vicar did ask why not wait until the 150th, but many of the congregation commented that they’d be pushing their luck to hang on for another ten years!  So, we’re going for it this year.  This is not just … [Read more…]