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Our Mothers’ Union.  It was reported at the Easter Vestry that there was some disappointment at the decline in membership with our Mothers’ Union in Holy Trinity church.  As the vicar, I was quite surprised because we have eight members out of a congregation of roughly thirty; a quarter ‘aint’ bad.  However, it was felt that the Mothers’ Union is a growing and continuous movement and should always be looking to attract more members, no matter how big or small. 

            Holy Trinity have also been praying about and discerning a vision for our church, and our three aims, which we would like to focus on over the coming years, is to: encourage the Christian faith, serve the community and relieve the poor.  It is the final one which we as a Mother’s Union are going to focus on.  The Mother’s Union does excellent work in Britain and around the World in praying for and bringing hope and practical support to millions of people every year through their parenting, literacy and community development programs and as part of the volunteer base of local churches.

            The leader of Holy Trinity’s Mothers’ Union commented that in the past members have been put off because of the amount of prayer involved in the meetings.  I would much prefer eight members who have come to pray for families around the world than fifty who have come to show off their cake baking skills and brag about how well their grandchildren are doing.  We are all called as Christians to walk our Christian pilgrimage together.  When we see a fellow brother or sister in Christ suffering, it is our calling to assist them, show mercy, embrace their suffering and relieve them for their journey.  This is exactly what the Mother’s Union is all about.  It is us engaging in work like this that we want the community to see.  If members join because of that, then so be it. 

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