Building Work

It doesn’t take a trained professional to know that Holy Trinity church needs an awful lot of building work doing to it.  Unfortunately, this has been down to decades of ‘cover’ up jobs, which has amalgamated into a huge amount of much needed renovation.  It is at times like these when some churches must face the inevitable question of, ‘given the amount of work, is it worth it?’  It can be twice as difficult when most grant making trusts rarely, if ever, award grants for renovation work these days.  Certainly, when the necessary renovation work is in the excess of £100 000.  Holy Trinity has just finished an extremely successful and joyful week celebrating our 140th anniversary and throughout that week there was the undercurrent theme of, ‘here’s to the next 140’.  However, unless we seriously tackle this problem, it is unlikely there will be another 10, let alone a further 130. 

                However, there is a huge amount of money out there, if one is willing to grab it, for community renovation.  A part of Holy Trinity’s vision is to ‘serve the community’.  This is when we were met with the dilemma of going simply for the basic and necessary renovation work and raising £70k-100K, or do we think big and really diversify what Holy Trinity is about and spend over £200k?  It is as though it is harder to raise £70k for renovation than to raise over £200k for community projects.  Some of the thoughts the PCC are currently considering on top of the necessary repointing and redecorating include a newly furbished room in the gallery (accessible by lift and a spiral staircase) with community access to computers and a library and newly equipped side rooms with full kitchen and disabled toilets as a community café.  This would be done in conjunction with the local community council who would be joint partners with the computer suite and side rooms. 

                A few years ago, John Timpson came to speak to the diocese.  He said that for as long as Timpson’s could repair shoes for a third of the cost, they were fine.  When fake Japanese and Chinese leather began to replace real Italian leather and people could buy a pair for £10, that was theoretically the end of his business.  Unless he diversified.  Holy Trinity PCC now need to seriously begin to reflect on this very similar issue.  The prayers, advice and encouragement of the Mission Area would be very much appreciated.   

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