140th Celebrations

This year Holy Trinity will be marking their 140th anniversary of the church being built.  The Vicar did ask why not wait until the 150th, but many of the congregation commented that they’d be pushing their luck to hang on for another ten years!  So, we’re going for it this year.  This is not just an internal celebration but a celebration for the whole community whom Holy Trinity serve and have been serving for 140 years.  We want to share the joy of Christ and the joy he brings us in our faith in him with as many people as possible.

                We are therefore beginning our celebrations on the 4th June with a mission area service; Evensong and Benediction.  Benediction means blessing, and although every blessing is from Christ through the priest, benediction uses the host from the Holy Eucharist to bless, it is therefore the real presence of Christ in the host which blesses us directly, not through the priest or through some other human acquaintance, but from Christ himself.  This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but a friend of the Vicar’s, from college, who was from a very different perspective from him, once said, ‘although it does nothing for me, I was overwhelmed with the love for Jesus I saw in their eyes’.  Give it a go, it’s the beauty of Anglicanism.  We will be joined at that service by Fr Darren Smith from ACS, a charity we are supporting this year, who will be preaching.  Chester Cathedral choir are coming to sing Evensong for us, and all the past priests from the parish will be invited to join and robe. 

                During the week, we will be hosting a flower festival and the church will be open for all the community to come and admire God’s creation as well as hosting a concert, more details to follow.  The week of celebrations will end with a Sung Eucharist on the feast of Holy Trinity itself celebrated by Rev’d Dr Gregory K Cameron, Bishop of Saint Asaph.  This is not about celebrating an old building.  This is about celebrating and rejoicing in the joy of our faith in Christ which we have been celebrating for the last 140 years and will keep on celebrating for at least another 140 here in the village of Rhostyllen.

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